Main Instruments
are: performance, storyteller, music, body-voice, street theatre, environmental theatre, new-feast. They are all combined together in a continuum which we define: experience of a new theatrical cosmography.

The current objective is proposing different appliances of collective performance all based of improvisation in which everyone knows the theme, so that the actors and guests can play together through acting, music and dance. For this reason we have started employing some contemporary popular "forms" of theatre.



Trash Theatre and Serata Mantica (performances based on Theatre of the Spontaneity and realized with public's tribute); Cani e porci (following the tradition of the storytellers, inspired by The Animals Farms from Orwell); Sygizia and Pathos Feast (Two Theatrical Feasts develops by involving all the guests through the employment of situational theatre), ImproBAR (a interactives cafè where are working different characters), I Lunatici (Moon people meet different communities compareting on the theme "stranger being"), Avatarty (a Second Life theatrical experience), Role-In Play Yourself (avant-garde situation where everyone play a personal vision), Performa (which is a show of performative acts around a theme)

The continuous journey
Represents the immersion into the contemporary popular and trans-cultural sphere. This experience allows us to go deeply in to   the ideas elaborated within the poetic project. This phase is open alternately to the group members and to the artists voluntaries. This model of traveling brought us in different countries and culture from East Europe, West Africa and South America.

The community projects
are practiced in particular contexts and addressed to specific groups. Usually they are carried out upon request from associations or institutions which deals with the popular both on a cultural and social level. In this direction we worked with Nomades Sinti, Indios Aymara, in districts of different cities of Italy, in many orphanages from Croatia and Bosnia- Hercegovina and for schools in every graduation



is protected place,
is where is possible to test the theatre techniques (music too), in a ritual-participatory way, directed to involving the guests in the creative and collective act. The duration of one Atelier is from minimum six to a maximum of twelve months.

are thought for the group's forming on the basis of the questions that born from the creative route like an exchange opportunity with artists who are in agreement with our poetical search: Anna Stanzel (Dance Theatre), Gerard Estrem (Clownery), Felix Somé (Dance of Burkina-Faso), Filippo Plancher (Psicho-Phisical Traning), Richard Schechner, performance professor (Discussion), "Milon Mela" (indian theatrical and dance workshop), Germana Giannini (body-voice workshop), Federico Nicolis Preto (capoeira workshop),


Francesco Aresu (Thai Chi), Stefano Cortese (music together workshop), Janito (Circus Accademy of Cesenatico, acrobatic workshop), Antonello Colimberti (overtones workshop), Claudia Contin, (Commedia dell'arte), Irina E. Andreeva (the five secret on the stage)

currently cooperates for wides projects with the Bologna Municipality for the project Il villaggio in viaggio (Traveling Village) , performative-organizing intervention in the city's neighbourhoods in conjunction with other social services, with the theatre cooperative La Baracca- Teatro Testoni (Bologna), with the organisation Opera Nomadi (Modena); with the Popular School of Music Ivan Illich (Bologna), with the John Hopkins University (Bologna) for the project "Youth organizing institute" , with Department of Social Affairs of Croatia, with the Italian Culture Institute from Zagreb, with the DAMS Faculty of the Ferrara University, with the Campocarlo Organisation (Pavia) for the project Resistant Art , with the Lodi Municipality for the project The Seven Capitals Sins , with   Bottega Equosolidale (Genova) e EquaAzione (Alessandria) for the Project "Fare Trade ImproBAR" , with the Fossa-L'Aquila Municipality for the project Community Theatre , with the Marco Polo Organization (Banja Luka), with the Ferrara Municipality for the project Grattacielo in centro (Skyscraper in Centre) , performative-organizing intervention in the city's neighbourhoods in conjunction with other social services, with the NGO Ai.Bi. Amici dei bambini (Sarajevo BIH),   with the Italian Embassy of Sarajevo and with the Kino Bosna.