The coming together of independent artists emphasizes the importance of everyone's biography as well as their creative individuality. The number of members varies, but all artists participate to the overall artistic design. They are as follows:

Giorgio Degasperi's ('63) work is inspired by the exploration of the relationship between

  Giorgio Degasperi

metaphysical theatre and madness, in constant dialogue with the experience of artists like G. Scabia, A. Vassiliev, R. Schechner and groups like Nucleus Theatre and Osmego Dnia. For a long time he has been concerned with the reconciliation of theatre and popular rite both in their metaphysical and social dimensions. Giorgio has obtained an MA at the "DAMS School of the Arts" in Bologna and has worked with the Theater in der Klemme (Merano), Zemrude (Bologna), CUT (Venezia), La Baracca-Teatro Testoni (Bologna), for different public institutions and associations, in jails and other socially marginal situations.

Caterina Palmucci ('73), is a trained sociologist. She moves between theatre projects,

with "I commedianti" (Urbino), "Teatro di gommapiuma" (Ancona), and international cooperation in war areas (Kosovo, Serbia), with "Consorzio Italiano di Solidarietà" (Italy), UNHCR (UNO). She also participates as an play-actor in some institutional projects commissioned by the municipality of Modena and Bologna, for the cooperative "Il cerchio" in Pescara and for the association ARCI of Modena.

Alessandro Lucci was born in Sulmona, Italy, in 1976 and is currently living in Sarajevo and

working between Italy and East Europe. He is a true poly-sided artist: an organizer, a scene-painter, a sculptor, a cook, an actor and a performer. He finished his studies with a thesis in History of Theatre at the "Art Academy of L'Aquila", Italy. He is the founder, in collaboration with other students, of the "OperAzione" group that works to prepare contemporary art exhibitions and works as a scene-painter and actor for the famous Russian actor and theatre director Jurij Petrovic Ljubimov. After his studies Alessandro also has been performing all over Italy with "Drammateatro" based in Pescara and "Tam Teatro" based in Padova. Occasionaly he cooperates organizing festivals, performances and cultural events with several art groups based in the Abruzzo region.

Luce Prola (‘76), is from the Aosta region.   She completed her degree at DAMS
(Department of Arts, Music and Performance) in Bologna. She is an actor , planner, dancer and singer. At the age of 17 she fell in love with theatre, tried to follow the institutional roads but at every audition she got high fevers. Thus, she decided to complete her training in more humane types of workshops focusing on the use of the body. In '98 she met Ey de Nèt but being still too young, after a year,   broke down and left. She then worked for E. Vargas on sensory theatre and with the Teatro del Piccione (childrens theatre group) focusing on the realm of story telling and story singing. While still looking for a type of theatre that can break the veil of illusion, in '06 she could not resist the calling to join Zeroteatro again and joined the group again.
Anna Lisa Cantelmi (‘73) is from Pacentro. She graduated in "Herbal Medicine" at the faculty
of Pharmacy, University of Urbino. She has been a professional Herbal Medicine specialist for the last fifteen years running her own herbal remedies store in Sulmona (AQ). For the last ten years she has researched altered states of consciousness particularly looking at the theoretical and practical role of women in healing rituals. In ritual theatre she has recognized a possible path through which she can live the true essence of her words and beliefs.